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Sir John Tenniel's, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass drawings are considered to be his finest achievement. They also are among the world’s best-known and treasured children's images. Tenniel drew the illustrations on boxwood blocks, later to become the original master blocks for the famous book illustrations we see today.

In 1985 the original wood engraved blocks were discovered in deed boxes belonging to Macmillan, the original publishers. At that time 250 sets from all the blocks were printed and no further sets will be printed.

I know we are all cutting back on our collecting budgets, but if you have the collectors bug, now would be the time to make a purchase of one of these prints, as we all know the cost will only go up. I have no monetary interest in this project, just a love for all that is Alice and her history. Here is your contact for viewing and purchasing the black and white prints, Click Here to see original Tenniel drawings.

The average cost per print is $600 USD. After viewing Email me with your take on this historic story and the inspiring art.


The Lewis Carroll Corner

Migraines are characterized by recurrent episodes of severe, throbbing pain, which is usually felt on one side of the head only. Nausea and vomiting may occur, and attacks can last from a few hours to several days.

About 20 percent of migraine sufferers have classic migraines, which start with an aura of flashing lights or disturbed vision, often accompanied by feelings of numbness throughout the body, confusion, and hallucinations.

Lewis Carroll reportedly came up with the idea for Alice in Wonderland while experiencing an aura. The other 80 percent suffer from common migraines, which are not preceded by an aura, or end with stories of fantasy.

RESOURCES: National Headache Foundation, (312) 907-6232. and the Yoga Journal L.L.C.

It’s a present from the White King and Queen...

“They gave it to me.” Humpty Dumpty continued-for an un-birthday present.” What is an un-birthday present?” Alice said with a puzzled air.” A present given when it’s not your birthday, of course.” Humpty Dumpty replied.

Who were the White King and Queen from Through the Looking Glass? The White King and Queen are chess pieces. The Queen turns into a bespectacled sheep who sits at a counter in a shop as Alice passes into a square on the board.

The Sheep is somewhat different from the Queen in terms of personality and gets "more like a porcupine every time Alice looks at her because she knits with several knitting needles all at once.

Two of these needles turn into oars when Alice appears in a boat, and then they appear in the Sheep's shop, where Alice purchases an egg which becomes Humpty Dumpty as she moves to the next square.

These postcards are available for sale here.

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Alice in Wonderland News

Wonderland’s Best: Crafting with Alice

A tea cup, a tea pot, a spoon, a watch, white gloves, a crown, what do these things mean to you? Alice and her friends? Our web site will be offering special craft items for you scrapbookers, crafters, and multimedia artists.

This month I am featuring uses for our Tenniel Alice paper doll sheet.

For scrap bookers adding these embossed figures and border are sure to give a special touch to your summer party photos, pictures from mother’s day, or your daughter in her dress up best.

If you are always scouting out new craft projects, how about making the white rabbit trumpet out a birthday greeting on your original card cover.

Collage artists will have many ideas for the little figures from the border, for example the Cheshire cat and the flamingo can easily be clipped and pasted, or transferred and re-colored for new stunning effects.

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