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Alice in Wonderland Books


Quotes from Alice in Wonderland

Quotable Alice from Alice in Wonderland book. $19.99


Alice in Wonderland Vintage Reproduction Book

Tucks – Vintage reproduction paperback
“Alice in Wonderland” $9.99


Alice in Wonderland Clothing & Accesories


Alice in Wonderland Home Decor


Dormouse in Tea Pot

Dormouse in Tea Pot! New Dormouse (plush 8 in. tall) is stuffed in the functional white ceramic teapot by the Mad Hatter.

A sculpture for your tea party table. $35


Tea Pot Box

Tea Pot Box $9.99

rabbit right

Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

The "Pearl" of Pearls of Alice Ring

The "Pearl" of Pearls of Alice knotted silver band ring with single strung white pearl. Pearls of Alice, pearl and 925 silver ring. $20

Sizes 6-7-8-9.


Silver Alice in Wonderland Ring

Silver Alice in Wonderland Ring Alice’s friends circle the band. Comes to you in a fabric pouch.

Sizes available 6-7-8-9- $20


Tea Party 3-D Paper Dolls

Alice in Wonderland 3-d tea party paper dolls, 3 sheet set $15.99


Tea Party Paper Dolls

Vintage reproduction Alice in Wonderland tea party paper dolls $9.99


John Tenniel Illustrations: Victorian style paper doll sheet of Alice and the White Rabbit.

John Tenniel Illustrations: Victorian style paper doll sheet of Alice and the White Rabbit

New paper doll sheet. $9.99


Paper Masks

Paper masks for any party occasion, tie on style, fits adults and children.

Mad Hatter $5.95
Alice $5.95
Duchess $5.95
Dormouse $5.95
Cheshire Cat $5.95
March Hare $5.95
Tweedle Dee & Dum $9.95 (set of 2)

Set of all 8, $ 36 and save on shipping!

Pick Your Character:


Alice in Wonderland Perfume & Soaps



Alice in Wonderland Stationary & Playing Cards

Dinner Invitations

Dinner Party Invitations, 15 with envelopes $12



Dormouse Tea Party Invitations

"Would love to have you over for tea anytime." Alice in Wonderland Dormouse Tea Party Invitations.

10 Flat cards and envelopes $8.99


Deck of cards

Deck of cards, each with an Alice in Wonderland character and a quote.

$9.99 deck


New Mini Deck, Replica Victorian Card Game

New mini deck, replica Victorian Card Game.

48 mini cards, with instructions for game.


Robert Sabuda’s Pop up cards
Free Shipping!

Greeting Cards with a POP!
All Blank inside for your message.

Alice, grows tall $3.95
Cheshire Cat, sits in a tree $3.95
The Rose Painting Cards, paint the roses red $3.95
The Herald, toots on his trumpet $3.95

A set of all four $14 & Free Shipping!

Card Theme


Alice in Wonderland Textiles & Crafts


Alice in Wonderland Toys

Jigsaw Puzzle

Alice in Wonderland, Linda Sunshine jigsaw puzzle in matching box.

500 piece puzzle $25

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